Sparkedit viewing DangerCanyon

Sparkedit is a program for Halo 1 on the PC that is essentially a scenario editor allowing the user to edit items placed in the map such as scenery, vehicles and items. Examples of such items would include guns, ammo, health, teleporters and different flags pertaining to markers for game types like Capture the Flag or King of the Hill.

Sparkedit was created by Grenadiac with help from other programmers who lent a hand in testing a bug tracking. Sparkedit is the only "true" editor we have till this moment as no one has undertook the project to create something else more refined to current day standards in what is expected of a program compared to Halo Custom Edition's program Sapien.

Sparkedit also has other tricks up its sleeve as well allowing users to import PMI tags into a map and inject them to be placed in the actual scenario itself used for game play. It also have quite a extensive camera system allowing users full range of map viewing for placement of their items they have stock in the map or those that have been PMI'd into the map as well. Another feature of the program is the model viewer so you can see exactly what your adding so one is not confused in placing things to make their map more professional and complete.

The last release notes from Grenadiac can be read below and are posted as a archive of what was last done with the program with its final release of 3.02.

Sparkedit 3.02 Release Notes