The SCND tag stores a JPG format image and is typically found in BLF user content files for screenshots. After the 8 bytes of the tag header, the tag contains 2 unknown int16s and a int32 which defiines the size of the image. Directly after is the image file which can be extracted using the int32 size.

public struct scnd
            public string _scnd; //4 bytes
            public int size; //Int32 Size of the entire tag file
            public byte[] Unknown1; // 4 bytes of unknown
            public int ImageSize; //Int32 Size of the image file
            public byte[] Image; //The image file. Size of byte array is the ImageSize

  • The JFIF format screenshot contains EXIF meta data embedded in the JFIF header. It shows the gamertag of the user who took the screenshot, as well as other information.
{gamertag} (Halo: Reach)
Make:  Dynamo
Model: 507 3D
Lens:  4Res QDT