ModHalo's Forum RulesEdit

These are the rules of the forum as written by the ones who run it. These rules are subject to change at any time by power of the moderators and admins and interpretation of these rules by the staff is final.[1]

  1. A moderator or admin's word or decision is final, don't argue. Respect the staff.
  2. Keep it clean. Halo is a mature rated game, so you can expect to see mature material here; however, this does not give you a free ticket to be overtly excessive in posting of mature material (nudity, swears, racial slurs, etc.)
  3. There is to be no posting containing hacks, warez, and anything of the sort. While this may be a modding site, we mod here to improve the game and get more enjoyment out of it, not to steal from game designers.
  4. Plagiarism is not tolerated. If you copy an article or reading material posted by someone else on any site or on this one, please cite your source. Also, mods re-posted here should always have credit given to their creators and the site you found it on. This includes sigs, tutorials, images, models, mods etc. Proper permissions from the owner and credits are expected.
  5. Signatures are to be displayed using good judgment. Your entire signature must fit within a 500 pixel by 250 pixel box. This means if you have text, multiple images, etc., all of that must fit into a box shown below. The only exception to the rule is a width exception; you're are allowed to have fluid text which spans across the screen. All other rules apply to signatures.
    Signature Size

    Signature Size

  6. We do not tolerate spamming or flaming. Spammers and flamers will be temporary or permanently banned depending on the severity of the member's post(s). Negative comments directed towards other members are not tolerated. We would like to keep this place user friendly. Content of someone's post gives you no right to flame them. If you do not like it, report it to a moderator. No bumping.
  7. Do not abuse your ability to edit, delete, and lock your own topics and posts. These options are for your and our convenience. Do not make us take those abilities away.
  8. The report a post feature is not for chatting with moderators. The report a post feature is for you to show us that someone is doing something against the rules. You can then report the post and we will review it. If you wish to chat with a moderator, just check their profile to see if they have AIM, MSN, or you can just send them a regular PM.
  9. Although these rules apply to the entire forum, they will be enforced more strictly in the Polawlitics section. Posts and topics in that section are expected to be of high quality – individuals who show a pattern of making posts of poor quality (spam, trolling, one-line posts, etc.) can have their posting rights for the section removed.