Ranks for Posts

Along with Awards and Member Status, there are Ranks achieved solely by post count. This should not be a free pass to post however much a member wants and not care what the they are posting. This is called spam, it is frowned upon, and the individual will get punished if a member does enough of it. These ranks are taken directly from Halo 3 and reflect an amount of posts. The member's first post will earn him or her the Rank of Recruit, all the way up to a total of five thousand posts at General Grade 4. This will take a very long time and should not be the focus of being on Modhalo. It is for the most part better to forget completely about it and just enjoy the time on Modhalo. At 5 posts, you can change your custom title under your Avatar on Modhalo, which cancels out your Rank, and leaves your post count. Your Rank symbol will stay.