Sandman donates a banner in November 2008

Modhalo HistoryEdit

In December of 2003, the brother of Phil MacDonald, Peter, created a Freewebs website called Modhalo. This website was small in terms of activity and members but he held onto it. March of 2004 saw the combination of Phil's modding tools and Peters original name and anything else he had obtained on his side and the real Modhalo was born. It used Invision Power Board as a template. September 2004 another popular website shuts down and the need for a new forum for the surviving members arises. In May of 2005 Phil and Daz attempt to resurrect with a few screenshots, the forum is doing very well for itself but with major setbacks and in September of the same year, it shuts down due to hosting issues and DOS-based attacks.

Modhalo's first real startEdit

March 17, 2006 - Phil decides to give Halo-Mods and Modhalo another try in a joint forum under the name of He starts it up once again using the original Halo-Mods skin called "Hardwired". February 17th, 2007 sees Phil upgrading to IPB 2.2.2 and it comes with a new skin "Aqua". In June, exactly 4 months to the day in the same year, Modhalo skin version 5 is publicly released. Phil spends roughly 15 hours working on integrating it. A week before the original Modhalo 4th birthday, and 10 days before the relaunch of the Modhalo 2nd birthday, Phil releases the Modhalo v6 skin. Completely reskinned and leaving nothing out, the Calendar, Post Editor, My Assistant, and Personal Profile are even given attention and have great detail. November 27th, 2008, Modhalo gets a fresh banner, courtesy of Sandman.

Open CarnageEdit

June 3rd, 2009 - Modhalo notices more and more the need to expand its horizons, even at the cost of traffic. The website is renamed Open Carnage, with the goal of just providing a place to stay and chat about nearly anything, as well as Halo. As predicted by some members and Staff, traffic suffers because of this change. In September of 2009, Open Carnage updates to IPB v3 courtesy of Pepsi, Nessa, and Razer.

Because of suffering traffic and diminishing use, Open Carnage changes back to on October 27th, 2009. A new banner is raised and traffic once again goes back up to where it once was before the Open Carnage switch.

More InformationEdit

For more information about Modhalo, you can visit the About page, or read an Interview pertaining to with one of the original creators, ToolNIN.