Screen cap of HMT program

HMT (Halo Modding Tools) is a program by MonoxideC that originally began as a modding program to edit sound files in the game Halo 1 for the PC. After many refinements to the program it then turned into a .map file editor allowing modders to change many variables about their game revolving around changing variables such as ammo counts, health, swapping effects on items and editing in game textures to name a few.

Another huge thing that allowed for custom maps using HMT was being able to PMI (Perfect Model Injection) items from one map into another greatly effecting game play and enviroments users would play in. This would allow items from one map being able to be placed into another map and taking effects from a cinema scene and using them for in game effects as well. HMT still does have the power to edit sounds like it was meant to from the beginning with the addition of a few codecs needed to read the Xbox ADCPM format and custom .wav editors such as Goldwave or Audacity.

The main purpose of this program during its peak was to do PMI and "skin" maps to allow users to make custom maps as we spoke of before. Eventually a program name Eschaton was released that made the PMI process more simplified to which HMT was forced to take a back seat to the more experienced modders since Eschaton could do the work HMT did in a fraction of the time. HMT is still used widely today by many of the newer modders who are coming late into the modding scene since its interface is more simplified allowing users to simply check boxes of what they want to do but does not have the wide range of edits needed by more advanced users who prefer Eschaton.

HMT last release was for a 3.5 build which was "stable" in some aspects but still would crash on know occasions. Both HMT and Eschaton allow for users to add their own plug-ins to fine tune variables in their modding using XML files created by the modders themselves.