Basic InformationEdit (established June 13th, 1995; in those days it was '') is the official public gathering place for Bungie (formerly Bungie Studios) fans. People come from around the world to read and submit new information, and to hold discussions in the forums. is the Internet home for Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon, and the only place with official Bungie info straight from the developers.

Persons and Organizations of Particular SignificanceEdit

Web Team is maintained by a group of people known only as the "Web Team". Of the many people that belong to this branch of the Bungie hierarchy, there are a few of them who make frequent public appearances, most notably Achronos.
Community Team
These people do not maintain the website, but they do use it to broadcast content to the masses. Features Sketch and Luke Smith.
Emotional Support
The Disembodied Soul is's Emotional Support hotline (whatever that means). Basically, he's an intangible being that exists as a prisoner inside Bungie's web server. Although he's relatively dormant nowadays, there have been flashes of Soul-like activity that could possibly imply a comeback in the near future.
The Webmaster
The Webmaster is a drunken man who is never seen without his gorilla suit and accompanying cowboy hat. He's responsible for a lot of the stuff you see and interact with on, and his silhouette is the default avatar.
Theme Master
Theme Masters are individuals who have created a theme that has been accepted for groups on
Forum Ninjas and Master Forum Ninjas
The forums are moderated by several individuals known and labeled as "Forum Ninjas" and "Master Forum Ninjas". These moderators are volunteer Community Members (not Bungie employees) who have distinguished themselves on the forums and earned the trust of Achronos.
Mythic Members
Mythic Members are regular members who have achieved the highest possible level regarding their "trust rating" on For more on Mythic Members, see the article on Member Titles.
Legendary Members
Legendary Members are regular members who have achieved the second-highest possible level regarding their "trust rating" on For more on Legendary members, see the article on Member Titles.
Heroic Members
Heroic Members are regular members who have achieved an elevated status regarding their "trust rating" on For more on Heroic Members, see the article on Member Titles. and Public InteractionEdit is an extremely successful and enjoyable online community, and that's mostly because of a member's ability to interact with the site and other members. Although there are different ways of doing this, the most widespread and popular is posting in the forums. Public ForumsEdit

Inside these, any registered, non-blacklisted member may create or reply to a topic. Members cannot create new topics in the Voting Booth or The News unless their accounts have a certain level of security clearance. Private Groups Edit

Users have the ability to create their own private groups (also known as chapters) on A private group consists of a private forum and is moderated by the members themselves. The group founder has the ability to accept and reject members and give other people moderator powers. Bungie also does a private group spotlight and gives one of the groups the ability to control Bungie Favorites for two weeks.